» » Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams (2018)
Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams (2018)

Fucked Up -

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    United States
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    Studio album
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List of songs
01. None of Your Business Man
02. Raise Your Voice Joyce
03. Tell Me What You See
04. Normal People
05. Torch to Light
06. Talking Pictures
07. House of Keys
08. Dose Your Dreams
09. Living in a Simulation
10. I Don’t Wanna Live in This World Anymore
11. How to Die Happy (feat. Alice Hansen)
12. Two I’s Closed
13. The One I Want Will Come for Me
14. Mechanical Bull (feat. Ryan Tong)
15. Accelerate
16. Came Down Wrong (feat. Jennifer Castle & J Mascis)
17. Love Is an Island in the Sea
18. Joy Stops Time (feat. Miya Folick)
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